Servicing & Maintenance

Our after sales, servicing and maintenance team is the product of the respect we have both for our products as well as our customers.

There’s no way around it – despite the quality of the vehicles and equipment we sell, the only way to increase their operational life expectancy is through proper maintenance. We are more than happy to be the people responsible for keeping our equipment running and our clients happy.

Of course, we assist our customers to take the time to learn how to take care of their equipment so that breakdowns and damage, and thus the need to make use of our after sales services, is lessened. During the buying process, our personnel will inform you of the required and recommended care processes for your equipment, down to coming up with a maintenance plan for good measure. We will teach you what kind of daily inspections you should be giving your equipment to ensure that it is in top condition.

These measures, however, though preventative, cannot ensure that you will never need post-sales service. While you can choose to bring your equipment to our technical centre at Burmarrad for repair, our technicians can even operate on-site if required, with rapid assistance. You can rest assured that on-site maintenance is not a compromise, as our technicians will carry all the necessary tools, parts and manuals.

Being fully equipped to service your vehicles and equipment means that UNEC also has a completely stocked parts store that can readily supply parts to you. Although we highly recommend trusting our team to carry out servicing and repair jobs, we will not hesitate to sell you any parts or additional tools you may need.