industrial equipment

Any industrial company is only as strong as the tools it has at its disposal. Whether your forte lies in…

Commercial Vehicles & Accessories

Whether transporting goods, equipment, or people, self-respecting entities cannot afford to…

earthmoving & construction equipment
Earthmoving & Construction Equipment

People who work on-site at construction and earthmoving jobs will agree that the machines…

compressed air equipment
Compressed Air Equipment

Don’t overlook the importance of an effective and efficient air compressor. It is essential to select an…

power generation
Power Generation

Any business can get started, but if it wants to thrive and keep running even when no grid power is available, the…

warehousing and shelving systems
Warehousing & Shelving Systems

It is easy to undermine the importance of having top grade warehousing and shelving systems. The …

leasing and rentals
Leasing & Rentals

When it comes to leasing solutions, it’s not difficult to see why UNEC Leasing is at the top of the…

servicing and maintenence
Servicing & Maintenance

Our after sales, servicing and maintenance team is the product of the respect we have both for…

Power Generation Calculator

At UNEC it is understood that proper maintenance and regular services are the key to increase the operational life and reduce the running cost of your equipment.


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