Leasing & Rentals

When it comes to leasing solutions, it’s not difficult to see why UNEC Leasing is at the top of the commercial industry. For starters, we respect your corporate objectives and budget, ensuring that we will always be able to provide a solution that is right for you and that you can afford. Fixed monthly payments are always an option, if need be.

There are a number of benefits that renting and leasing through UNEC Leasing offers you. The primary one is perhaps that our solutions are designed with your financial concerns in mind. As a client, you will pay only for what you use, with the final payment dependent on how much you use the equipment rather than simply being determined by it being in your temporary possession. This means that through UNEC Leasing, it becomes much more possible for efficient companies to afford renting top of the line machines.

Furthermore, because we allow reasonable monthly payments, you do not have to worry about financial setbacks getting in the way of your operation. On the contrary, our payment plans encourage the smooth running of whatever job you might be conducting. By treating leasing as a short term expense, rather than a long term one, we also eliminate the need for extra, hassling steps like acquiring bank loans.

Furthermore, the range of leasable vehicles and equipment is as vast as you could ever need, and includes industry essentials such as cars, vans, delivery trucks, lifters, as well as refrigerated units, warehouse equipment, and generators. This range makes it easy for us to provide exactly what you need and thus come up with tailor-made solutions suited for you.

Our after sales, servicing and maintenance team offers on-site repairs, as well as a large stock of spare parts at our technical centre in Burmarrad.

UNEC offers a practical range of leasing and rental solutions for industrial equipment and vehicles. Flexible payments available.